Creative grads: It's time to risk reward

For all of the young creative talent that has just graduated and is on the hunt for a job, it’s time to risk reward. The first risk to take is to sacrifice the immediate reward of landing a "better" job than your peers. Because when you’re looking for a job, competing with other new talent, intimidated at how few of you will go on to have the creative careers you want, it’s hard to look ahead with any real clarity. 

Creative Grads

Yet this is the time when having clarity is so important.

To lighten that weight on your shoulders, remind yourself of what someone much smarter than me once said: Life isn’t what happens, life is how you react to what happens. As soon as you're able to see clearly and set your sights where they should be, you'll quickly realize it isn't so much your choices that'll get you where you want to be as much as it is the way you react to what happens along the way.

So have the confidence to put the creative vision you have ahead of short-term gain. Here's how: 

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By Michael Lasky



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