Content Marketing Manager - Advocacy

Stamford, CT
Jun 15, 2017
Jul 15, 2017
Branded Content
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Full Time
Location: Stamford, CT

Posting Job Description: Spectrum Enterprise currently seeks a Content Marketing Manager for its Enterprise Business Services Department. Below please find a brief description of the essential duties and responsibilities required to function successfully in this position.

Position Summary:

This Content Marketing Manager position is specific to increase Advocacy with premium Content to support new and creative channels for creation and distribution of Content to increase advocacy and engagement with content externally and internally. This position will report to Director of Content Strategy.

Essential Job Functions:

* Manage the end-to-end process of creating and launching Spectrum Enterprise SOLVE Magazine and related Newsletter – a curated magazine that includes unique editorial content for Enterprise clients and prospective buyers.
* This role also includes planning and managing content for Spectrum Enterprise PIVOT influencer platform.
* Support of both owned Content platforms, and requires the creation of supporting multi-media content such as Blogs and Vlogs.
* Manage the end-to-end Newsletter Nurture program to grow top-of-the-funnel subscription with early stage content creation.
* Write, edit, produce and curate content to support integrated marketing strategy for Enterprise Lead Generation teams.
* Overall support the Enterprise Lead Generation Content team with the creation of both new premium content to maintain and grow advocacy platforms.
* Integrate advocacy Content into existing and new Sales Enablement tools and processes.
* Create advocacy content best practices in collaboration with cross-functional teams.
* Collaborative project planning with marketing, sales and internal other internal stakeholders.

Job Requirements:

* Minimum 5 years of strong product and other marketing related content writing and editing experience is required.
* Minimum 5 years of Social Media promotion and distribution related experience required.
* Solid and broad range of marketing experience and knowledge.
* Confident and clear communications skills with the ability to work with senior leaders, sales teams and other internal and external stakeholders.
* Strong copy writing skills and a command of the English language - correct punctuation, spelling and grammar, writing samples may be requested.
* Experience in working with marketing automation tools required.
* Strong organizational skills and ability to meet deadlines in a fast paced environment.
* A team player with ability to multi-task on fast paced, diverse content marketing projects.
* Knowledge of social networks and web-based technology solutions.
* 5 years minimum marketing experience in Telecommunications or a Technology industry preferred. Marketing experience in other industries will be considered.
* Degree in Marketing, Business, PR, Communications or Journalism.